MiO Productions takes care of your pre-production, production and post-production creative needs.

We are staffed with experienced and talented individuals that have the knowledge and expertise to create your story boards, scripts, lighting design, directing, producing, creative concept, image design and stage design. We also have a network of talent ranging from models, actors, radio talent and TV talent.

Pre Production planning is the most essencial part of every project. We aproach every assignmet with the goal of creating an effective emotional experience/connection that will communicate with your audience.

Our Production team is staffed with the highest qualified personnel. They have access to the latest equipment from lighting packages to dollies and cranes. In-studio or on-location productions, MiO is ready for anything.

Our Post-Production skills and our loaded arsenal of tools can attack digital effects, blue/green screen compositing, and multiple layering of 3D/2D animated text and graphics. Our Multi skilled team has all the talent you need, the experience you want and the speed for an efficient use of time and budget.